How Much Is the Average Human Worth

Liberty 5-3000

In the philosophy of Objectivism, capitalism is the only moral social system.[i]  One demonstration of capitalism is the Black Market, where items are sold by private brokers.  These items are often bought anonymously, in order to help the consumers remain free from persecution.  This particular market is often described as extralegal.  This is where the actions of an individual or party are not illegal, but the conditions of the action remain outside the law.  Within the Black Market it’s all just business.

Humans, in fact, are often a sought after commodity around the world within the Black Market.  As of 2013, 20.9 million humans were trafficked on the Black Market.[ii]  The product mentioned within this paper as well is human.  The product will be referred to as Liberty 5-3000.

Though the Black Market is extralegal, it follows Ayn Rand’s philosophy that the government does not exist to further the common good.[iii]  Part of the reason government exists is to protect capitalistic ventures, the rights of entrepreneurs, and ensure customer satisfaction. 4  Thus the average human, Liberty 5-3000, holds a definitive price as a commodity on the world market through the calculations of the contributions she makes to her owner and the calculations that stem from her existence.

Identifying Human Brands

The first considerations taken into purchasing a product often include:  make, model, and the latest updates.  These characteristics help direct customers to which aisle they need to walk down to find their ideal product.  When considering a human as the commodity the categories of the aisles pertain to the ethnicity, race, religion, and gender.  The product of focus at the moment is a Muslim, Asian, female human who possess all the characteristics of the average human in the world.

The latest update of the product is Muslim.  Since the Abrahamic religions built and pulled their traditions and beliefs from one another the adherents of the religions consider themselves new and improved.  Islam, the latest of the Abrahamic religions, would be the latest update.  Islam, for example, is the second most common religion practiced in the world. 5  Christianity is the most commonly practiced religion, but because of the number of different sects, such as Christian Scientists and Catholic, in the practice the religion is divided enough that it is not considered the average religion. 6

The model of the human is Asian.  Two-thirds of Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region, with a 344 million combined population in India and Pakistan than in the entire Middle East-North Africa region of 317 million. 7  This explains why the country of focus, the model of the product, is India.  Individuals of Asian descent make up 57% of the entire world’s population emphasizing how the average human is Asian. 8  This leaves the 43% of the world to be split by those of Oceania, African, European, and Latin American descent.

The make of the product is female.  Southeast Asia and East Asia have a higher ratio of women. 9  Women according to evolutionary standards are more equipped to survive and have a greater life expectancy which helps the population of women in the world reach above the population of men in the world. 10

These three characteristics create the brand of the product, Liberty 5-3000.   Now that the validity of the brand has been confirmed the next step is to test the product out; to see if it meets all of the consumer’s needs and wants.  This includes an evaluation of the operating system, abilities, limitations, and the product’s long-term potential.

Does It Have all the Pieces?

The operating system shows what the consumer pays for.  This includes, but is not limited to:  skin, muscles, bones, organs.  The physical components of Liberty 5-3000 and the biological mechanics within her pertain to this.  The calculations in this section demonstrate the price when all the mechanisms work together for optimum efficiency.  Organ trafficking, for example, gives the market value for all of these biological mechanisms.  These are individuals who often solicit funeral homes to provide parts of the deceased for payment while the body is often sewn back together or only a portion of the ashes are returned to the family of the deceased. 11  Blood farming also occurs where hostages are taken and their blood, which costs $250 in India for all 10 pints of blood within the product,12 is harvested. 13  These two instances show how the consumer can reuse the product as an investment as well if Liberty 5-3000’s original purpose or performance is unsatisfactory.  In the end the broker of the consumer will hold a receipt stating:  $1,525 pair of eyeballs, $607 scalp, $1,200 skull with teeth, $1,000 for both shoulders, $119,000 heart, $1, 525 coronary artery, $157,000 liver, $770 for both hands and forearms, $508 spleen, $508 stomach, $2,519 small intestine, $1,219 gallbladder, and $30,000 for both Kidneys. 14  Also included in the price would be the skin.  Skin goes for $10 per square inch, and the average woman has 6,299 square inches of skin approximately15 which comes out to be $62,990 of skin.16

How Will it Run?

The human trafficker, whom the consumer negotiates with, continues to make a profit.  If only the operating system was exhibited then the human might as well be just a body.  The human trafficker, however, knows that the human holds more abilities than sitting in a sarcophagus.  Humans create, innovate, ponder, and work.  Humans are also a cheap form of labor for entrepreneurs that can easily be manipulated.  For example, nearly 1 million people are employed on 12 hour shifts while earning 50 Euros per month, roughly $68.74, polishing diamonds in India. 17  The skills are passed from generation to generation where the quality of the cut can only be evaluated by human hands. 18  The next form of trafficking that will be presented is more widely used than labor trafficking such as this and will be discussed in depth more.

A second ability which humans can sell as a service is sex.  Virgins in India sell for $1,000 as prostitutes while adults go for $1. 19  If the prostitutes belong to a brothel, the owners sell their products for on average $573 for two hours. 20  In India there are 3,000,000 prostitutes, and most of them are forced into practice. 21  Women and girls who are shipped to brothels each year in the 21st century rank above the number of African slaves shipped to slave plantations each year in the 18th and 19th centuries.22  Those girls forced after human traffickers kidnapped them were sold to their owners for just $24. 23  In comparison a buffalo goes for $350, so human traffickers and consumers both benefit from the cheap prices and vast supply of humans. 24

For example Meena, an Indian Muslim, was trafficked to a brothel run by a low caste tribe in her country. 25  The brothel owner had no trouble training her to behave according to brothel rules through multiple beatings while raping her, drugging her while raping her, and not allowing her to even cry. 26  Meena was only eight when she threw herself from her balcony, and was disappointed to find that she had only broken a leg. 27  Meena had two children while in the brothel, both were taken from her, and when she finally was able to run away she had to leave them. 28  The children had been used to force Meena to behave since her daughter would soon be coming of age to “work” in the brothel.  When the brothel owner finally hunted Meena down, she had already married. 29  The brothel owner offered her husband $2,500, but he refused to take the money saying that love has no price. 30  Meena, after her safety was secured, went to retrieve her first two children from the brothel.31  The brothel owners continued to manipulate her though when they attempted to kidnap her two younger daughters from her marriage when she attempted. 32  One Indian police officer, when questioned about why human trafficking wasn’t a top priority to authorities, replied that the girls are sacrificed so that harmony can exist in society and so that good girls can be safe. 33  He also rhetorically asked “And what’s a young man going to do from the time when he turns eighteen until when he gets married at thirty?”. 34  This particular example through Meena demonstrates how the traffickers profit from their business, as well as the consumers.  It also demonstrates how easy it is to manipulate the product into performing according to code and standards set upon them.  The girls’ ability to follow instructions to smile while being raped 20 times a day stems from the practice of stoic docility ingrained in their culture, which makes them perfect victims in the sex trafficking market as well. 35

A factor that might cause this market to fluctuate in the near future would be the legalization and regulation of prostitution. 36  In this way each woman must be a certain age, each woman must hold a license given by the government, and the use of condoms will be enforced to help prevent the spread of AIDS.  The strict government checks of facilities will cause many brothels’ profit to decrease significantly.  This is due to the decrease in available women who would be considered an appropriate age by the government and the application fees for the license is one expense too far.  Although, traffickers are avoiding these new restrictions is their use of the internet. 37  One example of this is the 2,800 children who were advertised on Craigslist for commercial sex. 38  The “Johns” who pay for these good times use sites like and provide code words to get an idea of how old the child is and if they are a virgin. 39  Technology balances the government actions being taken, but one in the near future needs to tip the balance in order to release trafficking from the stalemate that it is entering.

Innovative Consumers

When a product is purchased, more often than not it can have multiple functions to the consumer.  Humans are typically trafficked for labor and sex, but humans have also been known to be used as weapons.  This commodity compared to the high price of weapons and defense spent by the government.  In India for example, Delhi plans to spend up to 2.03 trillion Rupees, $37.7 billion, on defense. 40  Although their expenses do not compare to the $650 billion that the United States spent on defense in 2012, the use of humans as weapons would decrease the defense expenses of India greatly. 41

One account of the use of sexual humiliation, using sex as a weapon, comes from Kasturba Nagar in India. 42  Akku Yadav used this tactic as a low-risk strategy to intimidate and control the entire community. 43  Yadav used commonly used intimidation methods, such as, stripping a man naked and burning him with cigarettes, and forcing a stripped father to dance in front of his 16 year old daughter. 44  Practices that were uniquely Yadav include:  raping a woman after her wedding, rapping a woman in front of her daughter and cutting off her breasts off before hacking her to pieces, gang rapping a woman 10 days after she had given birth, and he pulled out a 7 months pregnant woman from her house to strip and rape her. 45  In each instance, Yadav took the victim into the street to be tortured or raped, which was key to manipulating the entire community. 46  The citizens of the town could not go to the police, and one woman who did reported a gang rape by Yadav only to be gang raped by the police themselves.47  In fact, woman aged 15 through 40 are more commonly are maimed or die from male violence than from malaria, traffic accidents, cancer, and war combined. 48  The use of rape and sexual humiliation are weapons.  Gunfights now with automatic weapons and the easy access with which many can retrieve a weapon pose too many risks to men, so they assault civilians.  Sticks, knives, bayonets, or guns are often stuck into the vagina of girls and used to damage them internally and shake their community into fear. 49  In one case, a three year old girl had a gun stuck into her vagina by a soldier and was shot into. 50  There was no tissue left to repair to reconstruct the damaged area. 51  Only the human race can conceive of using their species as weapons.  That is the power of evolution for innovative thought.

Humans can also be used as egg donors in in-vitro fertilization.  In this way, the consumer receives payment for harvesting the eggs of their product.  A woman has 400,000 potential eggs on average and they release 480 during their reproductive years. 52  The average in-vitro fertilization costs 250,000 Rupees, which is $4,024.75. 53  With this method, a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg are combined in a laboratory dish where fertilization occurs, and the resulting embryos are then transferred to the woman’s uterus to develop naturally. 54  Two to four embryos are placed in the woman’s uterus at a time. 55  The consumer thus creates another method to harvest Liberty 5-3000 and reap the benefits.

Life-time Warranty

In case of product malfunctions there is always a method to get a refund for the consumer.  A contract killer in India, for example, can be paid an average of $450 to kill an individual. 56  When the contract is carried out the consumer can sell the pieces, or what they haven’t already sold, in order to get their money back.  This is a solution to overcome one of the limitations of Liberty 5-3000, such as:  aging, illness, and unsatisfactory performance.

A second limitation would be a human’s mental stability.  This sickness is often referred to in Muslim culture as disturbances from witches, evil eyes, sorcerers, evil spirits, and possessions by Jinns.57  There are three different manners of exorcism within Islam:  one being the recitation of prayer only which is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, a second being to rub the victim’s chest before saying the prayer, another being to issue out words in a repetitive command to cause the demon to flee followed by some actions. 58  Some of the other actions include opening the victim’s mouth and spitting into it three times, or holding the victim by his nostrils. 59  Ruqyah, translated as incantation, is the common word to describe the process of delivering a victim from demonic possession. 60  Ruqyah before was enacted when loved ones had proof that the victim was possessed, such as the demon speaking through the victim and answering the questions of the exorcist. 61  Now, it is confirmed that a noticeable and stable vibration appears in the brain of the victim that indicate demonic possession. 62  A ruqyah is often free while food is often given as charity to the kabiraj, Islamic priest. 63

Warning Label

The consumer must also consider the expiration date of the product as well.  Purchasing a recently produced item would be best when looking for a source of labor and an operating system in its prime.

Previous use also becomes a factor.  Virgins, for example, are more expensive since they have not been touched, symbolically, by a man.  If you are purchasing a used product the value does decrease.  There are medical hazards that arise from purchasing used products as well.  Medical information will not be easily available, and the product could have been exposed to AIDS in her previous line of work as well.

Thus, great precautionary measures are recommended when purchasing this product.

Long-Term Potential and Investment

Since the make of Liberty 5-3000 is female, then pregnancy also becomes factored into the calculations.  To price all the potential life within an Indian woman, the number of possible pregnancy cycles will be multiplied by the cost of an abortion in India.  In India abortions are permitted in cases of rape and fetal impairment, 64 and the cheapest method is the use of a methotrexate.65  A woman receives an injection, waits five to seven days, and returns and inserts suppositories of misoprostol into her vagina. 66  The pregnancy, thus, ends at home as the embryo and other tissue developed during pregnancy pass out through the vagina. 67  The cost of this method is 26.35 Rupees, which is $0.42. 68

Women also have the financial potential to contribute to their economy.  The consumer, instead of risking the legalities of labor trafficking, might force Liberty 5-3000 to find work and take their wages.  An Asian woman typically makes $770 per week in a country such as the United States, and would make $40,040 a year. 69  In fact in 2012 Asian women made higher median weekly earnings than women in any other race/ethnicity, as well as, African-American and Latino men. 70

Both of the potential investments provided would take the wages and in-vitro fertilization costs and multiply them by the average life of an Indian woman, which is 68.7 years. 71

The Figures on the Receipt

Once the product of desire, Liberty 5-3000, has been chosen the consumer will take her to the cash register where the totals of the operating system, limitations, abilities, and adaptabilities will be calculated.  The long-term potential for giving birth, the number of times Liberty 5-3000 can be rented for sex, the profits the consumer makes from her forced labor, and the potential wages that the product can earn for the consumer in America will all be multiplied to account for the entire life span of the product.  In the end the price comes out to $161,162,857,900 or 100,219,112,318,511.50 Rupees.

Supply and Demand

The billion dollar figure calculated previously is the commodity’s value, but the market value fluctuates.  The supply of women has decreased over the years in many Asian countries due to the “missing women” that have arisen from honor killings and gendercide. 72  In Europe, the United States, and Japan women outnumber men. 73  Not all developing nations share the same problem though as some within Southeast and East Asia since sub-Saharan Africa has an excess rather than deficit of women. 74  This has caused a high demand within Asian countries for women as men of the “missing women” generation notice there are little women left to marry.  The target audience of the product consists of those who do not value that women can contribute to society, but find that they still need them to maintain bloodlines and traditions.  This target audience, even with their high demand of women, will not pay for them at full price.  This is due to traditions engrained in the culture of Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East since women are not valued as much as men.  If the full market price for a man were $159,552,957,900, which is the woman’s calculated price minus the reproductive qualities, then the woman would be approximately half of the man’s price in the countries where their stock of woman has run low.  Therefore, the market price of an Asian, Muslim, female is $79,776,478,950 or 4,960,900,343,595.75 Rupees.  Liberty 5-3000’s original price showed the true value and worth of the average human, but the market price designates how valuable the commodity is to society alone and how it can contribute to it.

Who Holds the Receipt?

If humans were evaluated at face value, and even market value, the consumers would be disinclined to make a purchase.  This is due to the human qualities which make them expensive on black market terms.  The consumers, however, do not hold the receipts from these “purchases”; the victims do.  The consumers have no right to steal their freedom.  By the Declaration of Human Rights, every human is equal in freedom:

“all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”,

“no one shall be held in slavery or servitude”, “no one shall be

subjected to…attacks upon his honour and reputation”, “everyone

has the right to…free choice of employment…and favourable

conditions of work”, and “Everyone has the right to rest and leisure”. 75

Ayn Rand in her theory of Objectivism recognized all of these rights.  She believed that philosophy is a systematic evaluation of man’s existence, and that the foundations of philosophy are the study of existence and man’s relationship to existence. 76  Her process of thought carried from “in order to live, man must act; in order to act, he must make choices, in order to make choices, he must define a code of values; in order to define a code of values, he must know what he is and where”.77

In Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, the heroes of the novel each had to recite the following:  “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine”. 78  It was an oath taken before the characters could be accepted into Atlantis, their form of heaven on Earth. 79  According to Rand’s philosophy all humans should be in the pursuit of their own rational self-interest while placing their own happiness as the highest moral purpose in their life. 80

Therefore, Liberty 5-3000’s face value price is her true price.  Humans are not priceless because they hold different interests, weaknesses, and talents.  The market value of Liberty 5-3000, which is based on a factor of supply and demand, does not hold the true value of the average human.  This is due to the fact that “individuals have free will, are autonomous and independent:  by using reason, they can determine their own beliefs and values and thus control their own lives”. 81  The value of the average human is how she acts to gain and keep; whether this is her talent of moral code.82  Only the concept of life makes the concept of value possible since life is a process of self-sustaining. 83  A humans goal on Earth is to exist, which entails acting for the purpose of preserving, fulfilling, and enjoying the irreplaceable value of living. 84


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