Zombie Apocalypse Survival Seminar

For this second event of mine, I took an activity that my seventh grade history teacher had used.  We used this to understand the fear that many people had about fallout shelters and nuclear war during World War II.  In my presentation I created a simulation and had split the room into four groups of 10- 12 people.  These groups each received a set of cards, where each person then received one and had to act as that person and fight for their right to stay in the fallout shelter.  The first round had objective facts, age and work experience, while the second round had subjective facts, addictions and talents.  Each group had to then kick out half of their group according to the simulation.

Here is the presentation that I had used during my event:


Also, here is the ad that I used.  I had posted most of my ads in the bathrooms, with some help from one of the guys in my class, on top of the paper towel bins because where do teenagers go the most when they hope to avoid sitting in a classroom?



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