Inside Advisor

I noticed how some people struggled to find an inside advisor due to their being intimidated by teachers, but I knew immediately who I wanted for mine.  Ms. Motley, a teacher that I deeply respect, didn’t hesitate to accept.  Even though my first event was early, in October compared to everyone else’s being in March, she was more than happy to take part in it.

I have been able to see her strengths as a coordinator, organizer, teacher, and advisor.  She introduced me to Ayn Rand, who is a huge part of my life now, through her World Literature and Composition II summer homework assignment.  I loved her class, and knew when to ask for advice.  The fact that I received marked-up essays did not intimidate me, but made me relieved that she had read them.  She helped me realize that creative criticism is one of the best things a creator, writer, and artist can be given.

She has helped me to grow as a leader.  By inviting me to the executive board in NobleTeens, she introduced me to courage and a noble family.  I learned the hardships of organizing service projects, and the fun.  I was given the chance to be a princess.

Susan Motley, my advisor in many aspects of life, understands me before I understand myself more often than not.

Thank you Ms. Motley, for acting as my inside advisor.



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