Caitlin Wagner’s A4 Global Connection take on Women’s Rights and Objectivism

Throughout this website you will see my replies and answer to “how much is the average human worth?”.  This project started as a curiosity, but turned into an advocation for people to respect what they can bring into the world.  I don’t care if you feel like you belong in the world because you are human.  Prove you are human, act and use your talents to improve the world and yourself.  That is what my project advocated and why it is important.

I loved my project.  I honestly did, and I hope that in the future a student might wish to continue my research further.  Possibly calculating the price of the most elite human or the decline/advancement of the human trafficking market.  Many aim to prove teh inhumanities people commit, but sometimes an analysis of the entire procedure needs to be taken.  These traffickers are implementing strategies that work, which is why it is hard to arrest any of them.  A senior project does not always need a happy solution, but possibly an intellectual analysis.


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