Self-Evaluation of Event 2

I used my previous event as a reference and learned of new ways to advertise to a high school community. I implemented a new strategy of posting flyers in the bathrooms of Tallwood High School. In school, many students try to miss a few minutes to relieve boredom by walking to the bathroom. By placing flyers on the paper towel bins I did not disturb anyone who wanted privacy from the school environment in the stalls and caught the attention of those who just walk in the bathroom. I had help attaching one in the boy’s bathroom, without invading their privacy too. I also used a common topic in today’s society with the Walking Dead: zombies. I attracted many non-Academy students through this method and the attractive colors used.

I also learned how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to its optimum capabilities. I created a presentation/video through transitions, animations, music, and images that would envelope the participants in suspense for the event to come. I also learned how to give vague background information about the event while providing precise instructions on how to play the interactive game. I felt that the game was a hit, and that it was easy for anyone who wanted to participate. The discussions would have gone on longer if not for the time constraint, and everyone contributed thoughtfully.

If I could have changed one thing about my event, I would have added a third and fourth round. Due to the fact that most students only stay afterschool for an hour I was not able to add these two rounds. The third round would not have used roles, but would have been the identity of the participants themselves. This way they could evaluate each other instead of a stranger. In the fourth round, I would have transformed those who died into zombies. I felt that a few students who came to the event hoped to see zombies and this would have lived to their expectations while adding another fun element to the event.

I talked more about my project then I intended to in the end, and was thankful because many students found it interesting and loved how the connection of the game went to my project.


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