Art for Change

Green Run Collegiate, Bayside High School, and Tallwood High School cooperated to create an outside installation at MOCA as well as an exhibit at the Higher Education Center of Old Dominion University.  Both collaborations were inspired by Vik Muniz and his project:  “Wasteland”.  The trashpickers of Brazil and their story inspired each of us to make a piece of our own:  from trophy sculptures, valuable treasures made from recycled items, trash relief portraits, and electronic portraits.

The outside installation was created in pieces of nine divided amongst the three schools.  The pieces were divided so that each school was able to tackle a different color and a variety of shapes.  We worked with liquid nails to attach random items to the board according to their color.  Unfortunately some cheating was necessary with spray paint since there was not an abundance of items with red, blue, black, and yellow.  In the end, the installation turned out great, and MOCA asked us to keep it up for a few more weeks.

The exhibit went well also, and took effort to put up.  Students from each of the schools spent time after school to transport and install their own pieces.  I and three others, I believe, stayed after for approximately 3.5 hours.  In the end, the entire atrium of the building was transformed.  It was beautiful and everyone’s pieces seemed to compliment one another perfectly.

Here’s a picture of my piece in the show:



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