A Self-Evaluation of the Teen Apprenticeship Program

The most important thing that I learned from this program, was what direction do I want to take my art in? In the portfolio review session, I was introduced to the critical world of art. I loved it. I was challenged by the questions the judges threw at me: what audience is your art for, why did you draw what you did, what do you plan to do with your art, is feminism a big role in your work, and why did you make the color decisions you did? I learned more about myself then I had ever thought I had put in my art.

I will always remember the different forms of art I had been introduced to, especially the sessions that I did not plan to like. Stuntkid, for example, sticks in my mind with his reference to his contacts and growth in the art world. He mentions his friend who works on Adventure Time and Bee and Puppy Cat, which I admire entirely.  These session were not just about creating art, but living it. I learned how to write artist statements for myself, how to avoid/approach copyright violations, residencies, fellowships, and careers. These careers exist, and art is not a dying job field.

In regard to my art, I wish I had been able to improve my technique a bit more, but am satisfied with the end pieces. I used different media to challenge myself: from soft pastels to charcoal and graphite pencil to acrylic paints. I would change the exhibition factor of my work. A few of my pieces have been showcased from this product, but I wish that I had been able to connect one of my previous events with this.

I have related each one to Ayn Rand and feminism. I also wish I had been able to talk to some of the judges more from the portfolio review day about Ayn Rand. Two mentioned being well versed in her works, but did not go beyond that.


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