Noble:  possessing outstanding qualities.

Teen:  a stage in life where individuals make mistakes, but keep trying to answer the universal question:  Who am I?

This might be  a difficult concept to grasp at first, but if you combine the two terms you create NobleTeens.  In the media teenagers are often portrayed as quite the opposite with an extra dose of back-talk, such as in:  “Mean Girls”, “The Lying Game”, “John Tucker Must Die”, “Bring it on”, “Easy A”, and “Chronicle”.  The false stereotype of all teenagers into one, negative, category has limited the recognition of service, strength, and perseverance that members of the NobleTeens exhibit in their everyday lives.

At our monthly meetings students are given an opportunity to participate in community service projects.  A new organization comes every month, such as:  the YMCA, the Mary F. Buckley Foundation, Seton House Youth Shelter, Virginia Beach City Public Schools through Beach Bags, Virginia Gentlemen Foundation, Noblewomen, and Noblemen.  An idea that is often based from a concern within the community is addressed and then transformed into noble deeds.  These noble deeds not only benefit the organizations we work with, but the students as well.

Teenagers possess the key traits of nobility; which include (but are not limited to) leadership, initiative, charisma, and compassion.  The organization, NobleTeens, enables them to hone these traits in a way that helps their community.

NobleTeens are ready to help.  All you have to do is Ask.


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