International Careers: Job Shadow

So in the ninth grade, I considered going into Religious Studies as a major in college.  (For the record, I am now currently looking at Global Legal Studies.)  In order to figure out what kind of careers are in this field though, I job shadowed the Religious Studies Department Chair of Shenandoah University.  His job description entails:  teaching Christian ethics to students, analyzing ethical issues, and exploring the norms of a Christian life.  He does travel with the university, and in the past year students had gone to Australia, Sweden, Paraguay, and a few others.

In order to prepare for the class I would be sitting in I read the book assigned to the class:  Real Sex:  The Naked Truth about Chastity by Lauren Winner.  Which, I admit, it seemed weird that my mom allowed me to read this at age fifteen.  It was even stranger that I comprehended this college level book as well.  The topic that the class was discussing based on the book was marital vs. pre-marital sex.  I hadn’t finished the book by the designated time I placed for my job shadow, but I had read enough to participate in the class.  I had ended up taking a quiz, the same one distributed to the rest of the class, and doing better than over half of the college class.

The professor I job shadowed stated, “Once in a final paper a student wrote that in my class she had learned to think and that because of the class she would never again believe anything without considering the reasons why.  To lead students into that kind of life-long thoughtfulness is why I teach.”  That is the most important thing I took from the job shadow.

Here’s another look at the author of the Christian novel Rev. Dr. Lauren Winner:



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