American Culture

If I were to sum it up in one word….it would be hypocrisy.

Americans push to receive and speak the truth, yet, don’t tell the truth to themselves.

Below is a link with a different perspective of American culture that almost resembles what you would imagine to be John Smith’s accounts of meeting the Powhatan.

We do have more cultural characteristics though.  On my trips to Israel and Europe I have seen how Americans are always compared to what we portray from Hollywood.  (Gossip Girl was a favorite among my Israeli friends as a comparison.)

It became particularly apparent that Americans do have an accent.  We always envy foreigners, that British charm and smooth Irish for example, for having accents that make their words tangible and fall like honey in our ears.  The Southern charm, however, that I found in my own voice overseas was a charming surprise to me.  I was born in New York and lived in Spain for a while, so knowing that I spoke with a Southern drawl was definitely eye opening.  I think that was the moment when I stepped back and said, “Wow, the word is truly a small place.”


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