Shalom! Week 3

  1. Gather with the Youth Department and host families.  My first meal was lasagna since Dekel, my host, was half Spanish and half Bulgarian yet all Israeli I believe.  Her mother was a painter, who covered every wall with at least one painting.  She also owned a clothing store that was very chic.  Her father was a chef, I believe.
  2. The Wedding:  I met some of Dekel’s family’s friends at a wedding.  The ceremony went by almost unheard with all the talking, eating, and jesting.  I was shocked.  It was a beautiful ceremony though.  The reception, however…that was another story.  I was so shocked at the music choice, the club atmosphere, and the total encompassing fun.  I had a piece of everyone’s meal at the table.  The guy to my left, an uncle of Dekel’s I believe, encouraged me to try everything.  I tried a bird, that I never quite identified, which was covered in a carrot sauce…I think.  It was interesting and tasty.  The dancing was insane for a wedding, but I would not be caught complaining.
  3. Presentations were given in classes.  Everyone fell in love with Matt, the sweet American.  Maddy and Deja were also the center of attention, in a good way though, the Israeli guys would not stop talking to them.  Alicia and I felt kinda awkward, but the presentations went well.  I had to explain what ‘country’ was since I used it to describe my mom and West Virginia.  They tried to relate our lives to Gossip Girl often, but I doubt the show ever extended that far into America.
  4. Engaged in class discussions on Holocaust and Hitler.  Maddy was engaged and ready to take part.
  5. Individual school day:  I met Dekel’s friends.  One let me play with her iphone, which are allowed in school, to do origami  since I could not follow the Bible lesson.  The English lesson was interesting, and so was the changing of classes.  The teachers go to them instead of the students moving.  It was one of the student’s birthdays and she invited Dekel and I to a party.  From about 11-4 am, I was dancing.  We walk into this side building, with no curfew in Israel, dropped off by Dekel’s father.  Deja is ready to party, and we walk into the dance floor.  There is no threat of drugs or drinks, and the music seems to speak to all of us.
  6. Day trip to Caesara and Zchron Yaakov.
  7. School Day!  We celebrate Israeli independence with an assembly of music, students on guitars, and speeches.
  8. We leave two days early and arrive at home.  There was no party

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