The Last Word

Liberty 5-3000 is not for sale.  She takes after the woman she was named after, Gaea or “The Golden One”, from Ayn Rand’s Anthem.  She obeys her own heart and makes her own choices.  No Black Market can advertise her to consumers for purchase.  She lives according to her own volition.

Liberty 5-3000 possessed the characteristics of the average human:  Muslim, female, and Asian.  The combination of these three allowed for the author to calculate the market value and the commodity’s face value.  The market value, which came out to be $79,776,478,950, exemplifies how supply and demand shapes the value of a product.  While the commodity’s face value, which came out to be $161,162,857,900, exemplifies the price of Liberty 5-3000’s existence.  The price of her existence entails her talents, her moral code, and her happiness.

Property is a crucial factor to Ayn Rand’s works.  She believes that humans have a right to own; not just to possess and object, but to have an object as the consequence as producing through action.  In this way, property is not guaranteed.  The use of force, as many of the trades in the Black Market, violates the moral code and reason of man.

The country of focus within this paper is India.  This is due to India’s being one of the hosts of the largest Muslim population, its location within Southeast Asia, and its violation of several of Ayn Rand’s ideals.  Akku Yadav’s story from Half the Sky:  Turning Oppression into Opportunity, for example, tells of a woman who went to the police to report a gang rape.  After she gave her statement the Kasturba Nagar policeman gang raped the woman themselves.

Therefore both of the values have been given in Indian Rupees.  This helps show the difference between the United States of America and India’s exchange rates, which also play a role in calculating the price of Liberty 5-3000.  The value of the currency, the supply of women, and the demand for women contribute as societal factors to the market value and the commodity’s face value.  In this way, the culture of India is seen through how they treat and how they would want to buy a woman.


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