Summary of Events

  1. 1:00-1:30    Start the music to create the ambiance for the afternoon as guests arrive and mingle with one another.  Begin selling raffle tickets and announce that food and drinks are available at the snack bar.
  2. 1:30-2:00    Screening of four videos:  Red Light District video first, International Princess Project video second, Pop-Up Gala video third, and Block Print video fourth.  During the intermissions, a discussion on the upcoming video and brief facts about human trafficking are presented.
  3. 2:00-2:15    Brief discussion about “What is the Average Human Worth?”  and the reason for why the host is passionate about the International Princess Project and senior topic choice.
  4. 2:15-3:00    Make-your-own tiara station open, raffle tickets are on sale again, and mingling begins anew as the second wave of guests enters.
  5. 3:00-4:00    Steps 1-4 are repeated for the new wave of guests.
  6. 4:00-4:15    Raffle winners are announced and prizes are given away.
  7. 4:15-4:30    Host picks up donation cards/donations.  Farewells are given to departing guests.

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