Is there a Method to the Madness?

            This project utilized quantitative information within the preliminary research, and then developed into an accumulation of qualitative data.  Data collection consisted of interviews, a forum, an internship, statistics from valid books and internet sources, and statistics from former research conducted on the field of study.  Hopefully some light is shed on the question:  How much is the Average Human Worth?

The credibility of all sources was considered when composing this research paper.  Therefore, the majority of sources from the internet have been found using Google Scholar.  Books and articles were found with the help of the Princess Anne Library, the International Princess Organization, Sribd, and an expert in the field of human trafficking from Arcadia University.  All sources were written, or given, by experts in their fields or by professional organizations.

Search terms utilized on Google Scholar and Scribd include:  illegal organ trafficking, how much are organs worth, female reproductive system, Ayn Rand, Objectivism, human trafficking, in-vitro fertilization, and Islamic exorcism.  Scribd was utilized to find the processes non-government organizations use to find traffickers and the legal processes used to prosecute them.  Google Scholar was utilized to find exact and estimated prices concerning the use of humans, organs, and other such items as commodities in the Black Market.  Through these sources, the quantitative data was collected. 

Each article and book was examined and analyzed for credibility and validity.  The Princess Anne Library was utilized by the researcher to find case studies and basic statistics.  The International Princess Organization provided information about specific women who have been trafficked and reasons for why they had been trafficked.  Arcadia University was used as an additional source for information and statistics concerning human trafficking.  The majority of the information obtained was qualitative.

The rationale used primarily for the sources chosen was credibility.  While the second rationale used for choosing the sources was its ability to develop the research paper and enhance the manner in which it would enhance the research.

Field research conducted included a forum and spoken survey given at a Pop-Up Gala conducted with the support of the International Princess Project by the author.  The forum was conducted after brief background information on human trafficking in India had been given to the audience.  Then, a question and answer session was held to help gather qualitative data.  The videos themselves provided by the organization gave quantitative data utilized throughout the research process and forum.

An interview was conducted between the author and Wendy Gallagher.  Her honors project in Arcadia University is on human trafficking and she has had the privilege of speaking at a conference in New Orleans, holding a forum on human trafficking in 2011 which had guest speakers from the Polaris Project and the Coalition Against the Trafficking in Women, she spoke to human trafficking specialists in Sicily and the U.S. Embassy in the Ukraine, and has been invited to host another forum at Arcadia University in the spring semester.  Topics covered throughout the interview process include:  internet and its use in trafficking, as well as, qualities of the consumers and producers of human trafficking.

An internship with the World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton roads also provided information from the Greater Decisions lectures and other resources within the organization.  Other examples include:  the screening of Not My Life presented by Maria Zammit.

Thus, previous research has been utilized and developed throughout this process.  The quantitative and qualitative facts were brought together from every source in order to create a valid price of the human as a commodity.


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