Within this paper the following will not be calculated:  the price of every organ, the price of every life path the product might take, or the additional price of the life after every child of the product is born.  All of these factors do apply literally when calculating the average human’s price, but due to the wide range of variable the outliers will not be considered.

The research will be limited due to the author’s gender bias.  She will remain neutral, but since she meets one of the key requirements for the average human she is automatically considered biased.  She has a personal connection that allows her to relate to the minority she is researching.  The calculations though are entirely based on research.

The research is also limited in the fact that communication with the sellers of organs, humans, and other products and services is close to impossible.  Due to the factor of legality, confidentiality, and safety the author will be unable to contact or use the information that she may obtain from the entrepreneurs.  This affects the results collected on the seller’s motive for their business, the prices they set, and what they think throughout their business transactions.  Secondary sources will be used to overcome this limitation.

Another factor to consider is the lack of the ability to travel, which limits the research to off-site observations.  Through interviews and primary accounts the limitation will shrink.

With these limitations considered, the price of the average human will be calculated.  The price will include:  major organs, sex, defense expenses for India, the price of their eggs, their opportunity cost, and exorcism expenses.  For the sake of accuracy, only one human will be considered as the commodity.  Then the author will compare the calculated commodity’s face value with the commodity’s market price in order to compare society’s view of the value of the average human with Ayn Rand’s view.

The paper will also be limited to India alone, where all three characteristics of the average human can be found.


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