Why is This Study Important?

            The question that this paper will answer is:  How much is the average human worth?  The author believes that the average human holds a definitive price as a commodity on the world market through the calculations of the contributions they makes to their owner and the calculations that stem from their existence.  Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and her views on capitalism are studied and used throughout the paper in order to justify who the owner of the product is and what the term “existence” entails.  Other fields of study that are mentioned through the paper include Black Market trades and services, as well as: the price of in-vitro fertilization, abortion, contract killers, Islamic exorcisms, and the use of women as weapons.  All of these factors are used to calculate a face value for the commodity and a market value.

The analysis within this paper is particularly different due to the fact that it calculates the average person’s worth with so vast a range of field studies.  The studies previously conducted focus on one of the fields given previously without mentioning the others.  This often occurs since those particular studies focus on finding a solution, a reason, or a problem.  This study, however, focuses on the product and their price.  Sub-studies appear though which mentions the motive of brokers and consumers in order to help validate the final calculation.

The originality of this study flows through the paper in the form of a metaphor.  The average human that is being calculated will be referred to as the commodity, product, or Liberty 5-3000.  The paper begins with how the product can be found in the aisle of a store by the make, model, and latest update.  Then the products operating system, adaptabilities, limitations, and abilities are analyzed.  A warning label, addressing concerns a consumer might face, is also given.  Finally, the consumer is taken to the register at the end of the paper where the product’s price is given on their receipt in United States Dollars and Rupees.  Supply and demand are also factored into the equation in order to compensate for the culture of India and their treatment of women.


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