International Princess Project

After the founder visited a red light district in India, she could not forget the faces she saw.  In order to help the women create a sustainable living after liberation from the red light district’s brothels, she created the International Princess Project.  This organization teaches women who had been forced into prostitution a trade, in particular, sewing.  They work to make a living for their families, and contribute to their community through the production of Punjammies.

The organization holds a gala in California annually in order to raise money for the sewing centers and to raise awareness of the forced prostitution happening around the world within the United States.  Their vision:  to “restore hope and dignity to women formerly enslaved in prostitution”.  Every women deserves to be a Princess.

This year the International Princess Project orchestrated a Pop-Up Gala around the world in 52 approximate locations.  I hosted one of the Galas alongside those in Denmark, Argentina, Canada, Southeast America, and many other locations.  Our goal was to raise $100,000 through all the Galas in order to help fund the tuition for all the women’s children to attend school.

Here’s a video that I showed to help summarize the work of the International Princess Project:


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