With women’s rights as the field study the author plans to focus on the value of the average human.  The average human on Earth is Muslim, Asian, and female.  Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism will be the solution of the confounding variable of how worth is measured.  By doing this the author hopes to play on the irony of what Americans typically view human life as against the calculated value presented within the paper.  The price of the average human will be presented in United States Dollars using the cost of organ trafficking, sex trafficking, Islamic exorcisms, and labor trafficking.  The objective of my research is to emphasize that every human does have a price, but they still hold the receipt for their purchase in their own hands.

             Mrs. Motley, the faculty advisor, has known the author as her teacher in World Literature and Composition II and as her NobleTeens advisor.  Wendy Gallagher, an outside advisor, is a student at Arcadia University who has conducted a human trafficking forum in partnership with the Polaris Project and The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.  Ms. Gallagher has also been writing her senior thesis which focuses on the effectiveness of U.S. human trafficking policies which pertains to the reduction of trafficking victims and the increase in the number of traffickers convicted for their crime.

            For the first part of the author’s action she has hosted a Pop-up Gala.  While hosting she coordinated with the Central Library for the location, conducted a raffle to raise donations for the International Princess Project, and raised awareness of sex trafficking in India.  The International Princess Project is an organization that helps women who were forced into prostitution in India learn the trade of sewing to help them build new lives for themselves.  High school students who show compassion for such victims were the target audience, as well as, those who had families because they can relate emotionally to the International Princess Project’s message.

            For the second part of the author’s action she has an internship with the World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads in an effort to learn more about the community’s response to local and worldwide human trafficking.


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